Brahma Kumaris at Raigad Hospital and research centre, Near Neral, Karjat.

Lecture on Mind Body and Meditation
6th January, 2018 Brahma Kumaris Neral was invited for a spiritual talk at Raigad Hospital and research centre and medical college. Invitation was given by Dean of the hospital Dr. Ramesh Chaturvedi. Session was started at 11.30am by Brahmakumari Rani and carried forward by Brahmakumar Shyam Notani, speaker and trainer. The session was attended by many Doctors, Administrators, staff members and students of the college. Session was concluded by Dr. Rahul Dandekar with essence of lecture that we came in this world to be happy from childhood to adult our happiness index and priorities changes. We must live in the present world leaving and let go thoughts of Past and future. Mind plays an important role in the Health of body. Where mind is positive and powerful recovery of any disease becomes fast with medicines and vice versa. Doctors approach to the patients shall not be subjective but shall be humanitarian grounds with relation building which leads to fast recovery of patients. Doctors shall also pay attention to their own stress and de-stress themselves with relaxation and meditation techniques. Superintendent of Hospital praised brahmakumaris and extended his wish to work with organization in the programs of public interest. He also invited brahmakumaris medical wing to join hands with the hospital department of DE addiction and work together to relieve the addicted persons with medicines, counselling and meditation.IMG_20180106_120622